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  • Swamy39

    English: In conversation with Prof R Vaidyanathan on FRDI Bill and its ramifications via @PGurus1

    11 hours, 9 minutes ago

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  • AdvaitaKala

    BJP worker murdered in Tripura: Fifth killed in recent months – common factor? CPM in power, as in Kerala. Co-incid…

    10 hours, 42 minutes ago

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  • republic

    #Dec18WithArnab - Why is it that every election becomes a litmus test for Narendra Modi and BJP? What will happen i…

    11 hours, 38 minutes ago


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  • PiyushGoyal

    Happy for the people of Jokapath village in Chhattisgarh. It is good to see benefits of the Govt's development poli…

    9 hours, 7 minutes ago

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  • ncbn

    The Assembly infrastructure will allow every common man to access the premises as we have envisioned Amaravati to b…

    10 hours, 2 minutes ago

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  • ThakurDhandev

    किसी पहल को शुरू करना ही काफी नहीं होता। अगर उसके उद्देश्यपूर्ण नतीजे न मिलें, तब स्थिति चिंताजनक हो जाती है। कोई…

    18 hours, 54 minutes ago

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  • dpradhanbjp

    Urged TATA to set up an automobile or manufacturing hub in Odisha, which will generate employment, develop entrepr…

    13 hours, 22 minutes ago

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  • DhumalHP

    प्रदेश भर से मिलने पहुँच रहे लोगों का धन्यवाद।

    14 hours, 52 minutes ago

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  • cgidubai

    In a packed schedule during a short transit visit CIM @sureshpprabhu found time to also meet some office bearers of…

    11 hours, 36 minutes ago

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  • drdineshbjp

    काकोरी कांड मे महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाने वाले वीर क्रांतिकारी राजेन्द्रनाथ लाहिड़ी की पुण्यतिथि पर शत्-शत् नमन

    16 hours, 28 minutes ago

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  • PiyushGoyal

    Transformation of North-East Region by Transportation: Committed to bring all the state capitals of the northeast r…

    15 hours, 9 minutes ago

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  • Swamy39

    Webcast now live of Dr @Swamy39 speaking on his experiences with HH Parmacharya Chandrashekar SARASWATIJI , Shankara

    13 hours, 49 minutes ago

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  • WrestlerSushil

    तीन साल बाद इनटरनेशनल रेसलिगं प्रतियोगिता में स्वर्ण पदक जीत को मैं मेरे माँ बाप व मेरे गुरू सतपाल जी पहलवान और मे…

    16 hours, 11 minutes ago

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  • TimesNow

    79 per cent of Indians stood for PM Modi in the online survey of Times Now: @sambitswaraj, Spokesperson, BJP #Dec18WithTimesNow

    14 hours, 49 minutes ago

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  • ianuragthakur

    Happy Birthday my friend @Riteishd, hope you have a lovely time w/ friends & family. God bless, wish you lots of ha…

    13 hours, 26 minutes ago

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  • sureshpprabhu

    Argentina-Delhi,transit,few hours time,meet Ministers,Imp logistics cos,NRI,Diaspora,CAs,Architects,professionals,Drs with CGI,positive dev

    13 hours, 57 minutes ago

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  • rsprasad

    CSC VLE Prabhatsinh Khant from #Gujarat organized a workshop on PMGDISHA. Under this scheme, he has registered more…

    14 hours, 56 minutes ago

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  • BJP4India

    Modi government has fixed the ceiling prices of 849 medicines till November 2017 in order to provide affordable med…

    14 hours, 34 minutes ago


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  • mangalpandeybjp

    आदर्शवादी नहीं वंशवादी है राहुल गाँधी | देश की आशावादी जनता को अब वंशवादी युवराज नहीं जनवादी नेता चाहिए |

    1 days, 12 hours ago

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  • abpnewstv

    .@sambitswaraj alleges CPM of using Kim Jong-Un as their “poster body” in Kerala

    12 hours, 2 minutes ago

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